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Friday, May 21, 2010

Quarter 4

For fourth quarter of every year it always has to be the traditional Pilipino dance which is called “tinkling”. It is danced with two tappers who hold the poles together and tap in rhythm with the music. And the dancers would try and dance without being caught between the poles.

We always have a small project that has to do with tinkling which is getting put into groups of four or three depending on what Mrs. Briones wants, and in this small group you have to make up your own dance. In the beginning she gives you the basic steps and you can use some of them or just take the idea and make up another move for your dance. You also have to pick a song your groups wants so that you can dance on, and you have to be dancing as fast as the songs beat.

My group is combined of Razeena, Lana, and Batoul. Lana and I are the tappers, and Razeena and Batoul are the dancers. We took some ideas from the basic steps, and are also making up our own. We chose Razeena and Batoul to be the dancers because they are fast. And Lana and I to be the tappers because I have experience and Lana is a fast learner. The song we are going to be doing this on is Carry Out. I hope we do well because we still haven’t performed in front of the whole class, we will be doing that this coming Tuesday.

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