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Friday, May 21, 2010

Quarter 3

Quarter three was enjoyable for all of us, but especially for Mrs. Briones because she is the basketball team coach and quarter three was basketball season. Again like every sport we practiced passing a lot, and different kinds as well, like over-hand, chest pass, bounce pass and so on. But with basketball it isn’t only the passing what’s important; the position is a major part in basketball.

Every P.E class she picked different people to put in different positions to see who played best where. For example maybe point guard, right attack, left attack and so on. We also practiced things like lay-ups which you use a lot during basketball games. It was an interesting quarter and we learnt a lot. Mrs. Briones also came second in the tournament because of her great teaching, which got all of us ready to play basketball anytime!

Mrs. Briones likes me best as I point guard. And always sais “Nancy is my best point guard” which always makes me very proud and wanting to work harder so I can impress her even more. And the thing is , I never used to play basketball just in school and now being Mrs. Briones’s best point guard is something im very proud of because all my skills were taught to me by her!

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