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Friday, May 21, 2010

Quarter 2

Quarter two was my favorite quarter because my favorite sport is soccer and quarter two was the soccer quarter. Soccer has a lot of running involved in it. So when we first started soccer season the first couple of P.E classes and also soccer practice we had after school was all about running and getting fit before we actually practice the skills we need. So the first couple of P.E classes were just running the mile.

After almost getting fit then skills time was here. We practiced passing a lot. Because soccer is all about passing. We practiced different kinds of passing, short passes, long passes, 1-2 passes and so on. Not only was passing the important thing but also team work was, so we did a couple of different activities that helped team work. We also practiced shooting and penalty taking, because last year penalty taking was a big problem; it was either being very nervous or shooting with the wrong place on your foot. And it was a problem last year because in the tournament every match we ended up with penalties which then we lost.

Every P.E class after a couple of drills we played a soccer match. This was intense and exciting because we have a lot of skilled people in our class. And of course it was a very fun quarter for me because as I said my favorite sport is soccer and we played soccer for a whole quarter!

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