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Friday, May 21, 2010

Quarter 1

Every quarter we do a different sport depending on the tournaments we have that quarter. For example for the first quarter of this year there was the volleyball tournament, so we practiced volleyball during physical education and also extra after school practice for those who wanted to try out for the volleyball team.

So as I mentioned the first quarter was all about volleyball.
During physical education we practiced how to serve in different ways, whatever way made u feel comfortable. There was the over-hand serve and the under-hand serve. Also at the end of every P.E class we would like have a 10 minute volleyball game just to get the hang of playing games.We practiced passing and spiking a lot, because those two things are very important especially passing. We practiced passing in a lot of different ways.

Once in a while Mrs. Briones our P.E teacher would give us tests like serving tests or passing tests. One serving test we had was that we had 5 chances to serve, it didn’t really matter if we got it over the net or not but she was pretty much grading on the position and how we served. On that test I got 5 out of 5.

It was a very an interesting quarter, and very enjoyable for me because I really like volleyball.

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