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Monday, May 17, 2010

Quarter 3

We first started of by taking lessons in the book about expressions, feelings, and moods. After that we did a small activity were we wrote on a piece of paper how we felt at that time, like for instance if we were bored then it would be aburrido if you were happy at that time then it would be feliz.

Then Mrs. Richani gave as u guide were it had all the facial expressions in Spanish and English and also with it there were faces describing the word. We studied them for a little bit or more like memorized them, then on that day before class ended we had a small quiz on the things we learnt. The quiz was on expressions like there would be examples like the boy was nervous because he had a math test so then we had to write in Spanish that same sentence, so it helped us know what to say and at the same time write it.

The subject interested me so I paid attention and it showed as a result on the quiz we took which I got an 11 out of 11 on. I learned a lot of new things such as- buen humor which means good mood, mal humor which means bad mood, entusaismado which means enthusiastic, deprimido which means depressed, decepcionado which means disappointment and finally agustiado which means distress.

Then finally we learnt as I said before about feelings like happy feliz, sad infeliz, furioso upset, apatico apathetic, aburrido bored. And those are just examples.

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