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Friday, May 7, 2010

Quarter 3 and 4

We started choir in semester two which means we have choir as our elective for quarter three and four. The first quarter of the second semester which is quarter three is done, I was satisfied by my grade I know I could do better and I’m working on it, even the teacher sais that I’m showing improvement. In the beginning when we first started choir I was out of control because I thought it would be easy like an easy A+ just because it was music, so I fooled around a lot. But now I take it a lot more serious because we don’t only get graded on our behavior but also our effort and our singing voice.

We had a chance to get involved in a music festival which a lot of members from different schools that take choir participated got together with different people and sang. I did not participate in this activity even though it was a good chance for a great experience but there were my reasons.

In choir class we start with different kinds of warm-ups which get us ready to use our voices for the pieces were learning. The four pieces were learning in choir class are called: Da Pache Domene which is a Latin song were we sing without piano or anything just our voices, were divided into two groups, one group that sings high pitch parts and one group that sing low parts which I am a part of. The second piece is called Music In You which will be the song we also sing in our 8th grade graduation this year, not only in the concert held in may. The third piece Is called Mississippi Mud this song is sang with a lot of enthusiasm and excitement there is also some parts of the song were we clap and stomp. And finally the fourth piece is beautiful world indeed it is a beautiful song that describes how beautiful the world is. And those are our four pieces , we have a concert coming up in a couple of weeks we have to be dressed in black and white and finally as I mentioned earlier in our graduation we are also going to be singing one of the songs which is Music In You.

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