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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Quarter 3

Goat- eye disection

What was the activity?

The activity was dissecting a goat’s eye ball. We first started this whole thing about eyes by learning about the brain then from the brain we learnt about the eye, because our eyes are connected to our brain. We read and took a lot of notes about the eye we even made an eye diagram and it showed all the eye parts. After learning all about the eye Mrs. Zahid decided to give us a chance to have a non-forgettable experience which was dissecting a goat’s eye. I was disgusted throughout the whole time while dissecting but it became a little bit better and I actually felt it once or twice, but my partner did most of the cutting and opening and stuff. Yes I was disgusted but I did enjoy it, it was fun. It was fun actually seeing the things we learnt about and it was my first time to like actually see a whole eye.

What was the purpose?

The purpose of this activity was so that we can have a non-forgettable experience, and honestly we did. We learnt all about the eye but I think after this experience were going to remember all about the eye for a way longer time than if we had just learnt about the eye.

What did you learn?

At first I was very disgusted to do this experiment and until today even now after done the experiment I still have this sick feeling in my stomach every time I remember it, when we first got the eyeball I thought that I was going to barf and I was almost going to, but I didn’t, after a while I got used to it a little bit and things got better for me, so what I learned is a lot but one thing that I thought was important is that I learned I shouldn’t judge something before trying it because like after all it wasn’t that bad. Some other things I learnt were like all about the eye and actually got to see the things we learnt about like the retina, cornea, iris, tapetum, and so on. So I learnt my lesson about not judging something before trying it and I learnt all about the eye. Pretty disgusting but also pretty fun and interesting.

How could I have done this differently or better?

Well everything went very well except me being very disgusted so what I think I could have done differently or better is not judge something before I try it. For example I shouldn’t have got really disgusted, but it wasn’t me it was my stomach!

How does this relate to your goal?

This activity does not relate to my goal for this year because my goal for this year is to not get lower than a (c-) in all four quarters of the year in math.

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