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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Quarter 3

What was the activity?

The activity was a unit test. For this unit test the chapters were 5, 6, and 7. When this unit test took place our main teacher Mrs. Prairie was absent. So there was a sub, but some people in class may have took advantage of the substitute and maybe cheated a little bit or maybe was just talking and fooling around , and like did things that should have not happened during a test and especially that this was a unit test. When Mrs. Prairie came back the following day the substitute had told her about all the things that happened and Mrs. Prairie did not like that at all. The next day when we came in she gave us the test again and no body knew that were having it again, but so this can be a fair test she gave to us again and no body knew so that actually tested if you know your material.

What was the purpose?

The purpose of this activity is like any purpose of a test, usually teachers give you a test to see wither you learned what you were supposed to learn or not. But this test was a unit test so maybe not only wither we learned what we were supposed to but also if what we learnt before in the previous chapters are still in our memory like if we still remember them because were supposed to.

What did I learn?

Well I learnt a couple of things , most important is that I learnt the chapters, then I learnt a couple of things about the situation itself, that like we shouldn’t take advantage of any substitute and we should take it seriously just as if our main teacher were there because I don think these things would have happened with the main teacher being there.

How could I have done it differently or better?

Well how I could have done this differently or better is maybe studied more, and not keep the studying till the last minute because when u study a lot in a little bit of time the memory is crammed and stays in your head just for a little period of time. But if we are going to talk about the situation itself what I could have done better is not talk and take consideration of the sub because not only was she very kind and sweet but she was Mrs. Zahids’s mom and I don’t think anyone would have liked that to happen to their mom.

How does this relate to your goal?

Well this test doesn’t really relate to my goal for this year because my goal for this year is to not get lower than a (c-) in all four quarters of the year in math.

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