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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Quarter 3

What was the activity?

The activity was a picture collage. This picture collage was a timeline but instead of just doing it the normal boring way we drew pictures. This picture collage was done on chapter 9. For this activity we worked in our table groups. Each table did a different section of the chapter. In our group we first read the section we had to do out loud as a group then three people from the group had to draw the three events the group thought was the most important in the section. Then we presented our pictures to the class and explained what they were and talked a little bit about the chapter.

What was the purpose?

The purpose of this collage timeline is that we had to know the important things that happened in the chapter by dates and instead of just making a normal timeline we did a picture timeline which we all thought was more interesting and if you learn something in a fun way it will usually make you learn better.

What did I learn?

Well I learned a variety of things in this activity, but like for example I learnt about the election of 1824 , and who got elected for president and who he picked to be his house of representatives , and what was sectionalism so like I learned all about the section.

How could I have done this differently or better?

I don’t really think I could have done this differently or better because I didn’t do it individually it was as a group , but I was one of the people that drew one of the pictures so like maybe I could have put more effort in the picture.

How does this relate to your goal?

Well this activity does not really relate to my goal for this year, because my goal for this year is to not get lower than a (c-) in all the four quarters of the year in math.

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