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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Quarter 3

Being judged-

It was very exciting getting judged. All three of us, Nader, Yasser and I decided to wear blue which was also our board display color because we thought it would maybe catch our judge’s attention. Mrs.Zahid always told us ‘first impression is very important” and also in this kind of situation like in a science fair you should look good. It was nice presenting to the judge and seeing if they enjoyed it or not, but in the end it was a little bit tiring because we had to keep on repeating our speech over and over again to several people.


As I mentioned before, it was a little bit tiring because we had to keep on repeating the same thing to several people and our speech was pretty long. So we can make sure we wouldn’t mess up and be organized we made cue cards (before the science fair) that had what each one of us was going to say. We memorized our cue cards and when it came time for presenting we knew what we had to say and we said it by order, loud, and clear. Even lots of people and even some of the judges mentioned that we were very organized.

Your display-

We worked hard on our display because it wasn’t only the information you had, how it looked was also very important. For our display we didn’t just randomly pick any colors to put on our board, we thought of the colors all three of us liked and maybe were even our favorite and put on the board. I think we did well on our display because we included everything that had to be on there, we had matching colors like blue and black on the board and the display was eye catching.

Judging others-

It was a change, instead of you just being judged and maybe complaining “well why did they give us a bad grade on this” and so on, you get the chance to actually learn something new and think like a judge, it was a new experience which was pretty nice.

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