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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Quarter 2

The activity was a math quiz that was worth two quizzes. This quiz was about chapter 4, we took it to review for the chapter test we had three days after we took the quiz and so we can get a good grade on the grade book. Everyone was excited to get a good grade because it was worth two quizzes which will help our grade if we do good or hurt our grade if we do bad. Thank god I did good, I got a 22 out of 22.

The purpose of this activity ( quiz ) was as I mentioned before, so we can prepare for a math chapter test we had three days after we took the quiz and it was something easy that would help our grade. Practice and practice and practice makes perfect! And because I did good on the quiz I also did good on the chapter test we had three days later.

Well chapter four was about LCM, GCF, LCD, adding and subtracting negative exponents, writing scientific notation, and simplifying fractions. So I guess I can say I learnt all of the above.

Well I couldn’t really have done it differently or better because I got a perfect score 22 out of 22 so there was nothing I could do better or differently.

This activity does relate to my goal for this year because my goal for this year is to not get lower than a (c-) in math for all four quarters and so far all my grades for math are improving and in the Bs. I put this goal for myself because for the past two years I have been having trouble with math but now I think I’m starting to like it more which is helping me in getting good grades.

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