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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Quarter 2

What was the activity?

The activity was that we had to pick a medicine that we were interested to learn about or like a medicine that was important to you and your family members for example or like just a medicine that you were curious to learn about. After you picked your medicine you had to research about it because you had to do a fact sheet and in the fact sheet there were some questions that we had to answer and to know the answers you had to research and find some information about the medicine you were doing. We were also required to present our project which was considered the oral presentation and finally the model medicine which is the model of the medicine. To build the model of my medicine which was panadol I used Styrofoam balls and barbeque stick. In my model I used red balls to represent oxygen blue balls to represent nitrogen black balls to represent carbon and white balls to represent hydrogen. When Mrs. Zahid graded us she graded us on the oral presentation the model medicine and the fact sheet.

What was the purpose?

The purpose of this activity was to do something new and fun in science and something that interested everyone knowing that we were going to build a model so it was a fun project. Another purpose is that so like we can learn about the medicine that we use a lot in our daily life or is important to our family or it just interested you. So you either learned about a medicine you use a lot which is my case or something you were interested to learn about and you did learn it.

What do you learn?

I learned a lot of things for example like: information about panadol, how to build a model of panadol, and I also learned how to become better at speaking in front of a class.

How could you have done it differently or better?

I think the only think I could have done differently so it can become better is make my model medicine more stable because it was loose and falling apart but it was fine when I represented it to the class but it wasn’t stable enough to hang it on the ceiling of the class because it was going to be loose. And maybe another small thing I could have changed is my poster that had my fact sheet, maybe I would add a little bit more color or something so it can look more attractive but I don’t think it affected my grade in any way.

How does this relate to your goal for this year?

Well this goal doesn’t really relate to my goal for this year because my goal for this year is not be impulsive and doing this project had nothing to do with being impulsive or like keeping control or not calling out.

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