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Monday, December 14, 2009

Quater 2

The activity was that we went to the meeting room in the library were Mrs. Prairie put us in four groups and said each group has to make five rules that they think would be good for our classroom which we thought of as a country that has just been discovered and each group is a state and we were making rules. We had about fifteen to twenty minutes to think and write the rules down then all groups went back to the meeting room, we chose a leader to lead the congress and he was Nick Jerret , we all decided that each group was going to pick a leader to say the rules that they thought of. Each rule that was said by any group we talked about it and said our concerns and voted if this rule should be moved on to the next step or not. Every member of the congress had to agree on if the rule should be moved on so it can actually be moved on , if just one person or two people disagree then it wouldn’t be moved on so it was like all or nothing. We couldn’t finish the activity on Wednesday because each rule that was said we discussed it a lot and people were calling out and arguing and stuff so it took us a long time. The rules that my group came up with were : keep your hands to your self, raise your hand before speaking, no wondering in class, use time wisely, and use your inside voice in class so the rules were pretty much like these kind of rules. We did this activity so like we get an idea of how people elect presidents and how states decide the rules and stuff and the congress and these kinds of things. Because after we did this activity we read 5.1 in our social studies book which was all about congresses decisions so this activity was related or you can say Mrs. Prairie did it so we can get a head start of our next chapter in class.
My goal for this year was to not be impulsive because I call out a lot so I think this activity did relate to my goal for this year because I controlled my self and I was not being impulsive and that’s what am trying to be better at.

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