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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Quarter 2


What was the activity?

We spent a whole month on the outsiders doing different activities. We started off by reading the book out loud, like we would all sit around Mrs.Prairie while she would read a different chapter each day out loud, after that we discussed the book and finally we did a big project that would show the things we learnt in the book because we never got tested or quizzed on any chapter so we did this project. For this project Mrs.Prairie told us that we were allowed to do anything we wanted. So for my project I decided I was going to do an important scene that happened in the book, like act it out with some friends.

What was the purpose?

The purpose of this activity was like to see how creative we are, and to see what we learnt from this book and to see maybe what was important to us, because like I thought one of the scenes was important so I acted it out for my project and they knew (my classmates) it was a scene that interested me or like I thought was an important scene that’s why I picked to act out this scene. Another main reason is that we didn’t get tested on any chapter of the book and so we can have something to count as a grade after spending a whole month on the outsiders we did this project which was fun and better like having a big final test.

What did you learn?

Well the most important thing I learnt is the story itself, what I mean by that is like I didn’t know the story before Mrs.Prairie read it to us. Another thing I learnt is how the greasers used to dress and how the socs used to dress and the life of the greasers and socs. So you can pretty much say I learnt all about the socs and greasers.

How could you have done it differently or better?

Well I did pretty fine in the project but I think I could have done it differently or better by putting more effort and finishing the project a couple of days before its due, because I finished the project one day before it was due like I didn’t do different parts each day you can say I kept everything to the last minute.

How does this relate to your goal?

Well this activity doesn’t relate to my goal of year 09/10 because my goal for this year is to not get lower than a (c-) in all four quarters for math.

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