This is my portfolio.Which has all my reflections for my middle school years. 09/10

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Quarter 1

What was the activity?

The activity was a power point done in virtual school. So we were at home while doing this project, which meant we couldn’t ask a lot of questions but the instruction were pretty easy. The power point had to be 23 slides 20 content slides and three which were the title, references, and table of contents. This project was due October.6.2009 we had to attach it on the discussion board. After we had attached the power points we had to view at least four of our friend’s power points and reflect on them on the discussion board.

What was the purpose?

The purpose of this activity was to practice how power points are made, practice our research skills, to learn all about copyright laws, and turn the research you researched into your own words. These are the things I think are the most important that we learned and learning all about copyright laws was very good to learn about because it is very important nowadays. People are breaking copyright laws everyday and so are we so it’s good to know what you’re up to or like what you’re doing when and what can happen because of that.

What did I learn?

Well in this power point I have learned a lot. First I learned how to make a power point, learned about downloading mp3 laws, learned about downloading movie laws, copy paste laws, when it is illegal, when it is legal so I learned a lot.

How could I have done this differently or better?

I could have done this differently or better by reading instructions carefully. One big mistake that I did was pretty much wait till the last minute and do it , I worked hard for it but could have done it by taking my time because there was a lot of pressure on me when I kept it all till the last minute plus it was virtual school so it was twice as hard. If I had read instructions better I would have knew that the power point had to be bullet points which I did not do and did it as phrases.

How does this relate to your goal this year?

This power point project doesn’t really relate to my goal this year because my goal for this year is to think before what I say and think of what I’m saying so I don’t cause a problem or anything.

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