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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Quarter 1

Well this reflection I’m doing is for math class so it’s a math reflection. Anyways this reflection is going to be on what we did for math during virtual school which was when our school closed because of swine flu. Virtual school was school on the on the internet and we had to get instructions, our work everything from our school site blackboard. All the announcements Mrs. Zahid had for math she would put on blackboard. All our work and assignments, and projects we would also get from blackboard. Everyday Mrs. Zahid had a study guide on what we had for math homework that day. We would have quizzes, examples, worksheets, and a variety of things, some things we had to print out and at the end we would like have a booklet that she called “virtual school booklet” and some things we had to scan and send it to her on drop box. The day we came back to school the “virtual school booklet” was due.
Well all classes or you can say all the teachers had to give homework or like work to do. The teachers may have gave us a lot of work to do but it’s because they wanted to get as much work done as possible so we don’t need to make up school days. So the purpose of this was actually doing all the work you needed to do and take it seriously not just because you’re not school you don’t do it. All the work that we did during virtual school was graded so if you did not take it seriously and not do it for sure it affected your grade. We also did learn a few lessons and when we got back to school we were tested on it.
Well during Virual School I learnt quite a few things. Of course I learned the lessons we took for math, and I learned to do them better because we had a lot of practice after we took the lessons for example the worksheets that we had to do after the lesson. I learned how to manage my time well so I can finish all my work and I learned that I had to take it seriously even though I wasn’t at school so I can get a good grade.
Well maybe I could have done it differently by actually taking it seriously in the first week and not leaving everything till the last minute because I was playing and fooling around and then there was like a stock of work that I had to catch up with and I was stressed doing it and I did not take my time so it wasn’t that good and not 100% effort.
Well this activity does a little bit relate to my goal because my goal for this year is not to be impulsive and this project was done in virtual school so I had to think before I would ask any question on an email and then send it to Mrs. Zahid when I could have answered the questions myself.

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