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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Quarter 1

Element project

For this reflection I’m going to be reflecting on an element poster that I did for science class. This poster was given to us during our school closure because of swine flu. But while our school was closed we had virtual school which was school on the internet. The instructions were given to us on blackboard (the school site where we got all our work for every class during virtual school). The instructions were self-explanatory, clear, and u did not really need to ask questions after you read it. The project was that we had to keep in mind our birthday then we had to find the atom that had our birthday. For example my birthday is on the 8th so when I looked for the atom with the number 8 it was oxygen. Then I had to do a small diagram of the atom and right beside it an element fact sheet which was just information about our atom. This was due on Tuesday in the first week we went back to school.

Before our school got closed in science class we were already learning about atoms. So during virtual school obviously Mrs. Zahid was not going to give us a lesson through the internet. So she gave us a project to do about atoms because we had already learned about it in school. So I think it was easy for all of us as well as for me. So like the purpose of this was to learn more about the atom that had something in common with you which was your birthday. It was interesting so we enjoyed doing it and learn something new.

Well I learned about the atom I did but also other than what I learned from the project I learned a lot from virtual school. First I’m going to start by saying what I learned from doing the project: first I learned that oxygen is my atom like I mean its number 8 like my birthday, its special properties, its nonmetal, it’s a solid, liquid, or gas at room temperature, I learned it substance found in everyday life, how many electrons does it gain or lose when it become an ion, and what is the overall change.

Well I don’t how I could have done this differently or better because I got a 95% on it and the 5% I missed was because I just did not write oxygen= number 8. Either than that it was totally fine maybe I should have been more creative a little bit because my poster was very plane.

Well this activity does a little bit relate to my goal because my goal for this year is not to be impulsive and this project was done in virtual school so I had to think before I would ask any question on an email and then send it to Mrs. Zahid when I could have answered the questions myself.

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