This is my portfolio.Which has all my reflections for my middle school years. 09/10

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Quarter 1

The project or assignment you can say was given to us to complete in two classes. In the first class we had to do a form of numbers. The form had to include: twenty contacts of family members, cousins, and friends anything. In the second class we had to be done with the twenty contacts and it was not only the number of the person no it was his or her last name, first name, mobile number, house number, and birthday. So back to the second class we had to do the report which was take the form that you did decorate it and like customize it to your choice and then change the picture to JPEG so you can upload it to blogger and reflect on it and that’s what I’m doing now( reflecting on it for tech class).

The purpose of this was that one day when you want to keep your contacts somewhere safe in case you lose them from your phone or like change your phone that’s a great way to keep them safe and its exactly like your contact list on your phone and even better because you have more information that can help you about the person. That’s what I think is the best purpose.
Well what I learned is really what I mentioned in the previous paragraph. Which is the form and the report. So I learned how to make this form of contacts which is great because you can also add additional information that is helpful. Then after I learned how to do the form I learned how to customize it my likings and then change it to JPEG. So these are the things I learned from doing this project or assignment.

Well I don’t think I could have done it differently or better because it was a simple assignment and I did what was asked from me so I think I did a good job. I still don’t know what I did on it because we done get our grades after something like that in tech class you have to wait till report cards and then see what you missed in assignment and what you did good in assignments.

Well this activity does not really relate to my goal this year because my goal for 09/10 is not to be impulsive.

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