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Monday, October 19, 2009

Quarter 1

Buenos Dias,

When our school got closed our school decided to make us have school but in a different way which was school at home. School at home was called “virtual school”. We students were expected to get work, assignments, and projects from all classes. So in this reflection I am going to be talking about work we got from Spanish class during virtual school because this reflection is for Spanish class.

The purpose of this activity was not generally about Spanish but it was a lot of purposes. Some purposes of Spanish were: learning the lessons we took which were combined of different activities like one of the activities was adding the right verbs to the paragraph and were these verbs belong. There were more purposes like generally not about just Spanish and some were: keeping track of time, time management, finishing projects, works, assignments, when they were due, do everything the teacher expected from you, and try to be an independent learner like try to understand the activity your doing without the teacher being there to help you.

Well as I said in the previous paragraph all the purposes were things I learnt and had to become better at like time management, being and independent learner, doing what the teacher expected from me. So like what I listed in the previous paragraph. For example like I said we had to put the right form of the verb in the sentences so like for example: the sentence said Hola! Me ( llamar) and we had to change it to Hola! Me (llama), because that’s the right form of the word.

Well I couldn’t really have learned differently but I could have done a lot of things differently and what I mean by that is that I hadn’t done all my work which affected my grade in Spanish and if I had done it I would have had a better grade in Spanish.

For this activity it doesn’t really relate to my goal for this year because my goal for this year is being careful of what I say and not just scream anything out.

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