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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Quarter 3

For my third quarter reflection for physical education I am going to be telling you all about what we did in P.E for third quarter and the activities we did. Every quarter in our school Dhahran academy we have different sports and for third quarter we actually had two sports Badminton and Basketball. Fortunately for me I made it to both teams so it was a busy month for me because I had to attend two Saickak tournaments when that I had to travel to Jeddah which was the basketball tournament and one was held in DBGS which was for badminton. They were both very competitive tournaments and in both we got 4th place.

In P.E class that we have every Sunday and Tuesday we either practiced badminton or basketball. Our basketball coach Mrs. Briones also our P.E teacher worked a lot with us in both these sports and that’s why we did very well.

It was an enjoyment traveling with a team of 10 and with our coach to Jeddah. As I said there were teams that were very competitive but we still tried our best worked hard and it showed. On the last game of the tournament it was a very close game but we did not manage to win and that was the game that was either going to send us home with the bronze medal or with 4th place. But it was a fantastic trip with fantastic people.

As in for badminton we had two tournaments one that I mentioned already and one that was an eastern province tournament which we managed to be undefeated in. the team was combined of 8 players 4 boys and 4 girls my friend and I from the same grade were partners for both tournaments because we were doubles it worked out very well. In the saickak tournament it was very hard for us because we hadn’t had that much practice and we were playing in a high school tournament more expericned people but again it was very very close and we were only two points away from being third place and getting bronze medals.

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