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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Quarter 4

In this reflection I am going to be reflecting on a activity we did in P.E class which was called “Tinkling”. This is not the first year we get introduced to this dance. It is a Filipino dance with two poles that two tappers tap in the rhythm of the music and some people dance using different moves but with the basics. Mrs. Briones our P.E teacher put us in a group of threes or fours. I was in group of four my group members were combined of Iris Rahman, Duresha, and Reem Rashed. I think we did well but not very good we could have done better. Iris and I were partners were we danced together and tapped together I think we messed up a little bit because Duresha had a hard time learning the moves so she messed up and Iris even though with a lot of practice still messed up. But still our final grade was good a 23 out 25.

The purpose of the activity was great. I think it was so we could learn about different dances in different cultures and our P.E teacher was Filipino so maybe she wanted us to get more familiar with the Filipino culture so she made us do something physical which was dancing Filipino. The activity also helped us work as a group for those who are better at working individually.

I learned how to do tinkling which I already knew but I became a better dancer at it know. I learned how to work better in a group and cooperate with other people. And I also learned a little bit about Iris because she had to overcome her shyness and talk to me because she was my partner and also a little bit about Reem and Duresha.

If I were to do something differently I would have changed my whole group with people that are not afraid to try new things and try hard to get perfection but either than that I don’t think there was anything more than that we did pretty well.

This activity does not really relate to my goal this year because my goal for this year is to not get a grade lower than a c- in math for all four quarters.

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