This is my portfolio.Which has all my reflections for my middle school years. 09/10

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Quarter 4

The activity that I am going reflect on is a project we did about MDMA. MDMA is a shorter name for another very long scientific name of MDMA. MDMA does not have only two names which are MDMA and the other very long scientific name, no it has a variety of names. Mr. Vento our health teacher gave us a list of questions where we had to find the answers for and also then put them in chart format.

I think the purpose of this project was of course to learn about MDMA and so that if we ever get put into a situation where u get offered ecstasy which is another name for MDMA you don’t take it and then you will also know its harmful effects. I think also another purpose was that it’s not like Mr. Vento was persuading us but he was teaching us about it so then know that we know it’s bad we are going to persuade our self not to do it.

In this project I learned all about ecstasy and what I mean by that is that I learned a variety of stuff about ecstasy. Throughout this project I have learned different names for ecstasy for example club drug and also ecstasy is another name for it and a lot of other street names for it. I have learned all about its history and that usually teens are the ones that are taking MDMA and usually grades threw 8-10 and usually it’s taken in rave and techno parties so it can help them get into the mood.

I don’t think I could have improved by any chance because I got 9 out of 10 and the point that I lost was because I did not have my references.

This project does not really relate to my goal for this year because my goal for this year is to not get lower than a grade of C- for math in all the four quarters.

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