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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Quarter 4

At the end of sixth grade I was so happy that I was just going to get a break from it in summer even though I knew I was coming back to school and taking a harder level of math in seventh grade but even though it was still a break for me because I hated math so much in sixth grade.

When I first started math in the begging of seventh grade it was hard for me as usual because you know your still not used to your new math teacher and it’s a very hard subject well to me so yeah and its the first quarter of the year and you just came back from a long vacation so its always like that in the first quarter.

In math class this year after I got used to Mr. Prairie and enjoyed being in class with him I started to participate a lot doing my homework everyday and working hard and that showed from the difference of my first quarter grades and my second quarter grades and I was very proud of myself because it feels good when your doing good. So I think I have improved a lot this year in math and there is a really important reason why which am going to tell you now. Honestly in any subject usually your either going to like it because of the teacher or hate it because of the teacher so this year something that helped me a lot in getting good grades in math was Mr. Prairie because he is a great teacher that teaches you in a fun why so you enjoy the class with him and because he was always encouring me “you can do this Nancy just keep on practicing” so I really really want to thank him so much.

I think something that I can improve for next year is asking more questions in math because I did not do that very well this year so that’s why my grades were not that great.

If I don’t join algebra next year its fine with me I will just stay in the level of 8th grade math and because am still working on improving my fundamentals.

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