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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Quarter 3

This is my quarter 3 reflection for language arts and social studies. For my reflection I’m going to be telling you how I became better at reading and writing.

When I first started with Mrs. Dodd I hated reading but I did not mind writing but it also wasn’t a hobby or like whenever I had free I would not write. Know that there is one last quarter left in the year I think I have become much better at reading and writing.

I’am going to talk about reading more than writing because I think I have improved at writing but it wasn’t a problem. For reading I hated it I never read when I did I would read fast and not understand what I’am reading. So honestly I think I have improved a lot with reading and it is showing because as you know if u read a lot you become better at writing and English itself so it is showing because I became better at writing and it is also showing by the reading logs we do every time we change a genre in class and it shows how many pages you read. I think I’am doing good and so does Mrs. Dodd .

As for writing we actually just started this recently were pretty much every day we take 15-20 minutes writing about anything on your mind and after you are finished you can share or keep it to yourself. This year something that is also helping me improve my writing a lot is that we are doing a lot of essays this year and for some of them we also learnt how to do them in MLA format.

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