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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Quarter 3

In my social studies reflection for quarter 3 I will be reflecting on country games we did in social studies. The activity was a social studies country game that we had to do. We had to pick a game example- twister, Pictionary, scrabble, monopoly, jeopardy, etc. For our game my group picked to do Pictionary we picked this because we thought it was interesting to teach people about the country we were doing which was Mexico in a fun way. And fortunately for us people actually liked it and learned a lot about Mexico in a fun way .My group was combined of Varun, Musa, Laetitia, and I. on our game we got a 27.5 out of 30.

I think the purpose of this project was for each group in our class to learn about a lot of different countries but in a fun way. Other purposes for this project are being cooperative with others, being creative, and the most important is learning and enjoying about your country that you are doing. In these country games we learned about the countries in a lot of different ways like (the games that the groups did in our class) - Pictionary, two twister games in a different style, monopoly, jeopardy, and deal or no deal.

Wow! In these games I think I learned a lot. The two major things that I learned were of course how to play all the games that I mentioned before and all the different countries that were done including ours ( Mexico) and the rest were- the Caribbean, Canada, south America, and central America.

I think I did very well in this project and so do all my other partners and that showed from our result as I said before that was 27.5 out of 30. We all also thought that each one of us was very helpful and we all gave a lot of ideas so I don’t think I could have done anything better in this project.

This project does not really relate to my goal neither does the whole subject which is social studies because my goal for this year is about math and it was not to get lower than a grade of C- in all four quarters of the year.

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