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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Quarter 3

The activity was a science fair project were we had to be in a group of two or three people and think about a reasonable, testable and interesting topic to do. My partner was Abraheem El-dahouk and our topic that we thought was very interesting was called rusty nails were we got five nails that were the same type and we put them in a bowl and pored half a cup of each liquid and every other liquid was different. Then we put each bowl outside for exactly three days and waited to see which one rusted the most. The liquids that we used were: coke, oil, water, vinegar, and orange juice.

I think the purpose of the science fair project is to become better at working with partners discovering something new you don’t know and at the same time having fun telling other people what you learned and how you did the whole thing. I think it was also a great experience for those who don’t know hot to work well with others.

I learnt a lot of things while doing this science fair project I think some of them were becoming better at working with a partner, being patient, not leaving anything to the last minute in fact we were very good at that because we finished the science fair project almost like 1 month before it was due.

I think we could have done better by following more instructions and making are display board like a book and more attractive and appealing to the eye.

This activity does not relate to my goal this year because my goal for this year is for all four quarters in math not to get lower than a c-.

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