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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Quarter 3

The activity was the Oil Project. This was the biggest project we had in MOE so far. This oil project included “Oil Questions (questions about oil Mrs. Farag assigned us), “Saudi Oil,” “Aramco Oil,” “OPEC,” and “Timeline.” We even had a business person that works in Oil Company come and present to us about oil. We learned a lot of things from him, and were reminded with some facts that we came over when researching for tour project.

The purpose of this activity was to learn about oil, especially because that is essential knowledge in Saudi Arabia. This activity was done in the class MOE which stands for Ministry of Education. Something that is major in our MOE program is the history of oil and the major oil producers.

In this project, I learned so many new things I never knew about. Of course, oil is the most important product in the whole world, but I never actually had a chance to be taught about it. Some facts we learned were the drilling rig is used for drilling oil, and that they carry a drilling rig on a ship where they find oil in water, and facts about OPEC, how countries were suspended from the group, and countries that are currently in it.

This project does not really relate to my goal for this year because my goal for this year is for all 4 quarters of math not to get a lower grade than a C-.

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