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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Quarter 2

Quarter 2 science reflection

This is my science reflection for quarter two. My science reflection for quarter two is going to be about the comparison between my mid-summative exam two which was one of the exams we took in the beginning of the year and compare it by my mid-summative exam five which I took recently in quarter two. There is a big improvement shown even though I could have done better in my mid-summative exam five. In my mid-summative exam two I got 9.5 out of 18 and for my mid-summative exam five I got 11.5 out of 15.

After seeing the big deference from my exam two and my exam five I learned a lot of stuff like: I should always pay attention in class, ask more questions if I have to, always take my time to study not wait till the last minute and study, and not to panic a lot while doing my test because when I do I rush and don’t think before I answer.

The purpose of this reflection is to see how better I became from the beginning of the year to the middle of the year. Like how I improved my studying and see what I need to work on better and should I study in a different way or stay the same way will maybe if I do change the way of my studying I can better grades. So the main purpose of this reflection is to see how much I improved on my studying.

Some things I could have done better or differently are : studying more, not waiting till the last minute to study, not panicking when I’am doing the test, and something I could do differently is like maybe try a different way os studying .

This comparison does not really relate to my goal this year because my goal this year is about math which is not getting lower than a (c-) in all the four quarters for math and I have this goal because I have always had trouble with math and always want to improve my math grade.

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