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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Quarter 2

This is my power point that was done in quarter two in technology. In this activity we had to pick an animal that we liked and write information about the animal in six slides. The first slide had the title, then habitat, then diet, then predators/prey, then physical features, and the last slide was the ending that we had to include a piece of music in.

The purpose of this power point was for us to: research about our animal that we like, become better at using power points, and researching about specific details.

What I learned from this project was how to add a piece of music to a power point, how to add images, how to become better at researching, and I learned a lot more information about German shepherds than I already knew.
This activity does not really relate to my goal because my goal this year is about math which is not to get lower than a ( c-) in all four quarters for math.

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