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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Quarter 2

Quarter 2 math reflection

For my second quarter math reflection I’am going to be reflecting on my chapter 3 math project. This project was done in quarter two and it was covering all aspects. This project is a cumulating event which means a event that happens usually after a: lesson, unit, or chapter and this project was done after chapter three. This project was all about graphs. On this project I spent over 10 hours doing it. We also had about fifteen days to do it.

In this project there were a lot of purposes. Some of the purposes are : covering all the outcomes based on graphing, practicing essential skills, preparing for the chapter three test, preparing for the science fair project because a major thing that is in the science fair project is knowing how to do a graph because there will have to be a graph included in the science fair, practicing your time management like should you wait two days before the project is due then work on it or should you like put a time period for everyday like 20 minutes every day to work on it, and working on presentation skills. I think these are the major purposes that are very important.

I thank my math teacher which is Mr.Prarie because from this project I learned a variety of things like: how to work independently, how to do scales, when to put brakes, titles, intervals, x and y axis, how to do a double line graph, how to do a double bar graph, median, mean, mode, range, how to read a data table, and analyzing and concluding graphs.

There are a lot of things I could have done differently but I think the major one is asking more questions. These are also other things I could have done better and differently: always check my unit of measure and include them always, always put my data table on top of my graph, include titles for everything, and must have two data sets when comparing.

I’am really happy because I got a really good grade in this project which relates to my goal this year because my goal this year is not to get lower than a ( c-) in all the four quarters for my math grade.

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