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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Quarter 2

This quarter in Spanish class one of our main things that we did was a project about a famous Spanish person it could be like a soccer player, singer, or actor. For my project i did it about a soccer player in the name of David villa he is Spanish and plays with Valencia Fc. In this project whoever we were writing about we had to include when the person was born, were he/she are from, and how he they started there career.

Also in this quarter we learned a lot of verbs like : "ir a + [infinitive verb]," "tener que + [infinitive verb], ir a + [place]," "SER," and "ESTAR." "SER" and "ESTAR" are very important when writing paragraphs. Also we learned other words like colors, numbers,places,etc.

In this quarter i learned all of the above things i listed.

I could have improved my grade this quarter in spanish by studying more, working hard, not waiting to the last minute to do stuff.

The stuff i learned this quarter in spanish does not relate to my goal this year because my goal this year is not to get lower than a ( c-) in all the quarters for math.

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