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Friday, November 7, 2008

Social Studies Q1

The activity was a Ulysses project. Mrs. Dodd gave us a book about Ulysses then we were tested about it. Then we had to do a project about it. There were many choices of what to do in the project but my partner and I which was Ziad Khalifa picked doing a children’s book. So in the project we drew a lot of fun pictures and wrote the story of Ulysses and his adventures.

The purpose was to understand the Ulysses book and also put some effort in a project to show that you really understand and also to learn about the Greek gods.

What I learned was all about Ulysses and his adventures and also all about the Greek gods and I also learned that I need to always revise again my projects or like let an adult check if there are mistakes.

I could have done better in this project by revising my project after I finished and checked for spelling mistakes because I got some silly spelling mistakes.

This project does not really relate to my goal for this year because my goal for this year is to become better at math and for all four quarters of the year in math I don’t want to get lower than a (c-).

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