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Friday, November 7, 2008

Language Arts Q1

The activity was a social studies test. It was about chapter 5 section 2 in our S.S book. Mrs. Dodd told us about the test 1 week before she gave it to us. So we had 1 week to study and be prepared. Then on the 20th of October the test was taken and included stuff like: multiple choice, write the definition, and true or false. In this test I got 17.5 out of 20.

The purpose of this was to actually understand the chapter after you read it. So Mrs. Dodd gave us the test to see if we actually understood or not or if we were actually doing what she said like “read the chapter at home”.

I learned to follow directions because like example there was one question were we had to
underline the word two times and I only did it one time. The other thing I learned was all about section 2 chapter 5 in the book.

I could have done better by following directions and studying a little bit more.

This test does not really relate to my goal this year because my goal this year is to become better at math and for all four quarters of the year not to get lower than a (c-) in math.

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