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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Quarter 1

The activity was to go to a site that is and first practice lesson 3 excersises 7,8, and 9. After you do that you had to the speed test and you were supposed to get more than 95% accuracy and 27 wpm atleast. This activity was done November 2/08.

The purpose of this project was to get your typing score better than 95 % and 27 wpm. And another purpose was to get u better and typing fast also with a better accuracy using all of ur fingers not one finger using all the keyboard.

What i leraned from this activivty is becomimg better at typing faster using all my fingers which i couldnt do befor and typing fast with wa better accuracy which means it prevents u from getting alot of mistakes.

What i could have done better is getting a better grade. My grade for my typing test was 24 wpm and 3 mistakes. I think i could have done better and atleast get 28 wpm and 1 mistake wrong and how i know i could have got that it's because i have got that grade befor so that proves that i could have done better.

This activity does not really relate to my goal this year because my goal for this year is getting for all quarters in my math not lower than a ( c-) so it really does not have anything to do with my typing test.

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