This is my portfolio.Which has all my reflections for my middle school years. 09/10

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Quarter 1

I choose my header and footer to reflect on.The activity was to make a header and footer and in the header and footer we had to add specific information. We also learnt how to use ( were u can make up your own title and make it real like a tittle for a book or when you have main courses like math or social studies you can cite sites.This project was done in the beginning of September.

The purpose of this activity was to write the title and the date and name only once because then if u go to a second page it will automatically put the same information on the second page another purpose is because in a header and footer you need to include the page number so if u have three pages and one page is lost the teacher can know that something is wrong not that u haven't finished it.

Well really i did not learn anything because this was just a refreshment for people from last year and also so that the new people can learn it. But because i was here last year so it was just a refreshment for me.

How i could have improved my header and footer is actually using it more often because i cant improve my header and footer because it is information that is basic and about me like : Date, name, and class. But what i can change is actually using it more often which i really don't do.

It really does not relate to my goal this year because my goal this year is to try to improve my math grade.

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