This is my portfolio.Which has all my reflections for my middle school years. 09/10

Sunday, March 30, 2008


This activity was done in quarter three technology when we started with publisher which was the bisness card but this wasnt the only thing we had done with publisher we also did sings and a greeting card.this bisness card had everything about me my number,my adress and my email.

The purpose of This bisness card was to work better and understand more about publisher so later on if we wanted to do something like that u could know how to.

I learned how to use publisher wiselly and how i can be detailed with publisher and i also leraned how to do a bisness card a sign and a greeting card.

I could have learned or done it differnetly by changing the disings or maybe put more detail to it like with my own creations own borders and stuff like that.

Well my goal this year was thay by 4th Quarter i would have all A's so if i do good in everything in technology i will have an A and if i do that also with the other classes hopefully my goal will be achived.

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