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Monday, October 22, 2007

auto biography quarter one

i choose this piece of work, the auto biography because it is all about me and my life so far and i think that i have explained my self pretty good in it so who would ever would like to now me better i think this is the piece of work he should read that's why i choose this piece of work .
my life

Hello I’m Nancy and I’m fully Egyptian and so is all my family .I was born in Saudi Arabia August 8/1996 and my two brothers one of them was born in Kuwait and one of them was born in Egypt .My family including me are five Hisham which is 21 years old, Ahmed which is 19, and my mom and dad Amani and Naji.

All my life including my brothers we haven’t been to any other school except Dhahran academy. One of my major events in life was going to Lebanon, it was the best time of my life I had so much fun. We went to a place that you would just go to have fun in the snow that’s the only reason a person should go well I had and also when my family and I would close are eyes to go to sleep we would see snow and also when we would open are eyes so we can start the day we would see snow it was such a nice view just beautiful.

My hobbies are sports I just love sports I love any kinds of sports I just love them. TV well I rarely watch it because I am always busy doing something like sometimes homework but most of the time sports. I play hockey, tennis, soccer, basketball, and a lot more but the most I am good at is soccer and hockey.

I have best friends everywhere but in school I have Noor which I have known since pre-school, and Zayd witch I have known for two years and also Ziad and Omar and Jude, Thomas ,Wasi, Adnan, Jacob, and Ashley.

I have traveled almost all over the world to Disney land, England, Germany, Spain, France, Greece, Amsterdam, and allot more.
The subjects i like in and dis like in school are alot but im going to start by saying the ones i like the ones i like are laungage arts and social , health, science, P.E,and the one that i dis like is MATH. but im getting used to it and i think that im getting better at it .

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